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Updated: May 16, 2020

I did not know my ambition would impact so many lives. Who wants to learn about a guy who comes from a loving two-parent home, did not want for anything but worked for everything? Do people care about how that made people less willing to help him make something out of himself? How no one knows the pain he hides behind a bright smile? When his name is being tarnished, he must rise above those and not stoop low to seek revenge. It all boils down to his knowing the purpose is bigger than him, and he must keep persevering throughout this journey by any means necessary.

My spirit tells me what is at the end of the tunnel and my flesh is not for sure. It is a tough journey, but I cannot throw in the towel because of how much my support team and I have sacrificed to get me where I am now. I have worked my craft so much that the player I was with the Buffalo Bills of the National Football League (NFL) is considered an amateur. Like a bamboo tree, I feel as if the seed was planted at Buffalo and years later I have finally blossomed to who I am suppose to be. . . . .TIMING! Now it is up to my faith, grit, hard work and dedication to guide me back to the NFL.

All I know is the grind. It has been passed down to me through my parents who both suffered from illness. My Father battled 17 years before transcending from a lung disease he contracted from inhaling asbestos while working in HVAC to provide for us. My Mother defeated breast cancer a year after my Father’s passing. She witnessed patients get carted out of the Chemo Treatment and she made up her mind that she was going to will herself to victory with the help of God.

People do not see the tears from my eyes, but if you look at my work ethic, they are the sweat-drenched clothing clinging to my back after daily workouts. My parents showed me what it means to keep pushing for something until it brings rewards – either the joy of new life in this world or bringing hope to others.

My pain runs deep within my veins, and I thank my wife for being the settlement of peace. When I am running on fumes to make money, workout to keep my dreams alive and taking online courses, she reminds me that we are closer to our breakthrough, so I do not worry. She is saying this while she is pursuing her doctorate, being a teacher, working two online jobs and being an extraordinary wife. At times, I wonder how the bills will get paid, what we will eat and will this next check patch the struggles at least for another two weeks. All we can do is control what we can control, trust the process and be the energy we want to receive.

Lies and prevarications may have rained on my parade. However, it cannot rain forever.

Tracing back to my ninth (9th) grade) year, I began to have coaches say unpleasing things about me that tarnished my name until the truth came out. As of now, comments regarding me by my college coaches are starting to look suspicious. Even as a company tries to place darkness on my name, the security of positive energy protects the light of my realm. The Sun is the truth; it shines through the dark shadows and evaporates the rain.

Yes, I know I’m supposed to be successful now, but I do know everything works off timing.

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