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Cloudy with a Chance of Sunshine

Updated: May 16, 2020

Who’s There in the Dark

One of my former friends called me a peasant and stated I was beneath them.

Throughout this journey, I had family and friends kick me to the curve. I can remember when a family member said, “I was embarrassed when someone mentioned your name because you’re not getting playing time.” How can you be embarrassed to be of a relative who conducts themselves as a leader? It really bothered me because if you do not have nothing; you are expected to have family support.

Once I signed with the Buffalo Bills after quitting my job at Walmart. There were family members who told me “don’t forget about me” or “a bird has to come down for water sometimes.” My feelings towards those comments were, you forgot about me until you heard my name by others.

After not making the team, the light began to get dim to people. There were friends, who’s whispers behind my back became a roar in their actions. A former friend of mine told me, “you’re too broke to be my son’s god-daddy” and denounced me as the child’s god-father.

As I reflect on the times, many people volunteered a helping hand while the sun was bright. Once it began to simmer down. The volunteered hand became a waving good bye.

Quit or Run Faster

My Daddy posted a quote of his on my door at an early age, “A man has two choices: either quit or run faster.” I did not understand the quote until I was faced with adversity: family members were unsupportive, friends became strangers and my dream slipping away. I was either going to throw in the towel because of the hurdles or I was going to run faster through the dark and get my dream back in to the light. My mind-body-spirit is conditioned to run faster as a result of developing patience.

I began to realize who I am and focused on appreciating myself, adore the little things in life and be grateful of the blessings. My spirit is free. I have transformed myself so that the abilities I did not hone five years ago with my mind, body and spirit; they are now aligned.

Without my close-knit circle, I would not been able to mustard the strength to keep fighting for my dream to come true.

The Reason

Your circle plays a huge role in your success. The Universe will not bless you in full, if the energy in your circle is not on a peculiar frequency wave. Those who I thought were there for me; were there for me when the sun was out or partly cloudy. Where they standing by my side during the partly cloudy days to benefit for an image or because God is watching? However, when the storm came widows broke, furniture moved, valuables were tossed but my house was still standing. That storm was brought in to my life to get rid of the rubbish I was attached to and afraid of losing.

Life will put you through storms to expose people and surround you with lifetime angels.

Stay encouraged!

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