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Courage Gave Me Endurance

Updated: May 16, 2020

Have you ever wanted something so bad but the path getting there makes you think otherwise? I'm pretty sure your answer is yes. We either have been to the point of saying “this is not for me,” or of finding ourselves hopeless about the direction life is taking us.

Maybe you are currently living in the moment of throwing in the towel.

I have encountered each stage of the journey: fun moments, blah times, hopeful days, depressing hours. Nonetheless, my support team and I are going to see our dreams manifest. While you are reading this blog, do not feel as if you are alone in the quest of beating the odds. The purpose of our tough journey is to help others who will face the same trials. We were put here to help one another.

Creating A Path:

My college life is a topic that will get spoken on another time; fair opportunities were not my friend. It did not discourage me, only made me realize if I want something, I will have to create an alternative path. I learned that the path is actually there already; it's just not easy on the eyes. I understood I would have to get an axe, shovel, and work boots to cut down trees (people, bad energy, etc.). I had to dig deep within myself to find out who I was as a being. I had to lace up those boots.

When you are working, there is nothing pretty about it.

My Daddy always said, “If you want something done the way you want, do it yourself.” I became my own agent. Leading up to the draft, I received National Football League (NFL) Teams interest. After all the hard work of training myself for Pro Day, I ran 2-40 yards dashes, laser times of 4.31 and 4.38; stealing the show from first round picks. The Seattle Seahawks invited me to a Rookie Mini-Camp tryout. After months passed, I wanted to give up. I received a call from the San Francisco 49ers. They placed me on their short list for training camp. I got a job in Walmart's toy department.

I knew anything I put my mind to, I could achieve. I began writing hand letters to every NFL Team. It got me a private workout with the Denver Broncos and an interest email from the Green Bay packers.

Digging Deep:

The Buffalo Bills called me in for a tryout. I began training camp seventh on the depth chart as a safety, worked hard to became second team safety and competed for first team. Then I was cut with no agent to speak on my behalf. Scouts later told me, “we just knew you were going to get picked up immediately”.

I needed film so I signed with an Indoor Football League (IFL) team that folded, and we as players struggled for food. Fortunately, I was able to get myself a Mini-Camp Invite with the Canadian Football League (CFL) Edmonton Eskimos. However, my nutrition from the previous team caught up with me, and I was cut. This experience encouraged me to start my own business called Make Adjustments Delete Excuses Incorporated (M.A.D.E.). By starting a personal training and fitness program of my own, I could stay in shape and be ready at all times.

In the next two years, I was cut by the same team that folded in the Arena Football League (AFL). They called me back wanting me to sign me if they made it to the playoffs. Then I signed with a team I had to travel 180 miles daily to and from practice. They folded as well in the National Arena League (NAL). I continued to chase my dream by signing with a NAL team who cut me and called me back three weeks later. At this time, I was focused on my family because my Daddy (best friends) physically left this earth two months prior, so I did not except. The arena teams that cut me all went with guys they knew, not wanting to discover the unknown. Fortunately, The Green Bay Packers put me on their Emergency List to come in for the team. However, that phone call never came.

Work Boots:

My fiancé (best friend) and I got engaged. We continued advertising film to teams, and received grace from Coach Dixie Wooten, who became a longtime friend and family of the IFL. He blessed me with an opportunity to keep my dream alive. During this time my Mama (best friend) was diagnosed with breast cancer and had both breasts removed. While I am far away, I could tell she needed my presence while she goes through chemo treatment. With no hesitation, Coach supported my decision to be with her by granting me a spot on his current and future teams.

At this point, I am very hopeful that we will see our dreams manifest. We are paying our dues with sacrifices, perseverance and passion.

Life has its way of writing the story it wants, not how we want it. It is about the journey.

Stay encouraged!

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