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Faith of A Mustard Seed

Updated: May 16, 2020

This is the year my support team and I can feel the breakthrough to getting another shot at the National Football League (NFL). We have been through deaths, health issues, financial problems, disappointments and together we have persevered. The Corona Virus has put a bump in the road of opportunity, to showcase that I have what it takes to compete at the highest level of professional football. It has postponed the Indoor Football League’s (IFL) 2020 season until further notice. This league is a platform for players to sharpen their skillsets and get film to move up into higher levels of

professional football (CFL, XFL or NFL).

I support the IFL protocols. They are doing everything to make sure the players, coaches, staff and fans are protected from the virus. Our health is more important than any game; which shows the IFL cares. I sincerely thank the owners of the Tucson Sugar Skulls (Mr. and Mrs. Guy), who have kept the leasing contract for our apartments so we can have a place to stay; while we are away from our families during this crisis.

However, my support team has kept me uplifted throughout this rocky journey back into the NFL and we will continue to stay uplifted through each other with faith; at this point, that is all we have. The vision may have become blurred due to current events but our faith, the size of a mustard seed is planted in good soil and our tears of joy will grow us into our breakthrough.

It cannot rain on my dream to suit up and play in the NFL again forever. At some point the rain must stop and the sun will shine.

I see life like this. When you are close to your desires in life, things get shaky before it smoothens out. For example, think about the last 20 – 15 minutes of your flight and the pilot announces, “Put your seatbelts on and prepare for landing.” The plane begins to shake, every air pocket is felt and sometimes it feels as if the pilot has lost control of the wheel. After enduring those dramatic elements, you are on the landing strip and arrived at your destination. This is where I am currently, the last 20 – 15 minutes preparing for my landing.

My support team and I can sense my breakthrough but the elements that are out of my control, are trying to distract me. In my impatient years, I would have opted to an alternative route but at this point of my life, I have grown from a pup to a lone wolf; I am staying the course by any means necessary.

As you are reading this, take in the blood, sweat and tears I have invested into my dream. Life does not owe us anything but I do know it honor those who pay their dues.

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