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Go for It!

Updated: May 16, 2020

What if I get told no? How can I get seen in this crowded world? Why no one is liking, sharing or clapping for me on social networks?

We all have these thoughts running through our minds when we are pursuing our dreams. Our dreams are masterpieces and it is okay to be sensitive about your artwork. We are fueled by the possibilities of succeeding, along with our passionate to not give up. My advice is to forget the nay sayers and GO-FOR-IT!

I have been told no plenty of times by National Football League (NFL) Teams, that it has given me the strength to find my yes. So what if you get a 100 no’s but as long as you get one yes, then you have won the battle. For me, those no’s were because I was not where I suppose be at that particular moment. It is like driving on the highway and you see an exit that will take you to your destination; however, it will take you off route. That is how dream chasing is. The Universe has sent guided energies for me to take an exit, not the exit my flesh wants me to take. It is the exit my spirit requires me to take.

There will be times you will have to venture off in to the dark, by yourself to see the light. Not everyone is going to show you love and that is not something to stress over. You must ignore and explore. The vision and spirit that was given to you, is yours to show the world impossible, is possible. Your focus is on you getting to where your faith has called you to be.

You will be surprised how many supporters are rooting for you. Their cheers are in silence because they are in awe. It is like an opera singer on stage, performance is over, the crowd is stunned in amazement and suddenly there is a roar. Your roar is coming, just continue to “do what you do,” as my Daddy would always tell me. Keep putting your touch on the wonderful masterpiece.

Go for it! You have what it takes! Do not create self-doubt! Your competition is not those pursuing the same dream as you. Your competition is yourself because if you are developing the greatest you. Now you have something to be proud of; which brings along confidence. Remember, to clap for yourself and be your biggest cheerleader. Stop looking for the applauds, create your own applauds.

Stay encouraged!

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