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Going through to get to: Perseverance

Updated: May 16, 2020

I want to thank Mrs. Kym Shepard for the moving text message.

Throughout my journey I have been told, “You are good enough, but we want to go with experience.” I was informed by National Football League (NFL) Scouts that I was thrown under the bus during my draft. This is the last thing a diamond in a rough player needs.

My Grand-Daddy told me, “You can keep a man down but when you get up, best believe he’s going to get up too.”

Perseverance will open doors that could not open. It can grasp the attention of someone you never met. They will gravitate towards you, admire your determination and volunteer a helping hand. Sometimes, you have to help yourself before others want to join the rescue team.

My Daddy told me “Champions are born, not created.”

My perseverance birthed the confidence I have. I received many no’s to the point they became the energy I use to find a yes. Every day I hone my craft because life is about timing. Their no today, may be a yes tomorrow and I will be ready.

In this line of business, no scout will give a diamond in the rough an opportunity if the diamond does not know they are special. Their job is on the line when they present you to the table.

I will never cheat myself and I will take all bets on me. Therefore, I put all my eggs in one basket. This dream of mine is an investment. I know a team is watching and I will not hesitate to show who I am.

To have confidence while you are at the bottom takes a grit that cannot be stopped. My confidence is built from the discomfort of struggles, disappointments and failures. I develop my craft by disciplining myself spiritually, mentally and physically. This discipline helps me turn my weakness into strengths and my strengths become stronger. I believe in my hard work and my gift. Each second, I am turning my doubters into believers. I will not let the tears, patience and passion go to waste. I will honor my Mama and Daddy with my efforts because there is no me without them.

My grit for success is voracious; I have a laser eye focus and I am possessed with tenacity. Who would not want someone that went through hell and high waters to be a part of their organization? What player would not want a teammate who has nothing to lose but everything to gain by his side in battle?

This is perseverance: having to go through struggles to get what is desired. You can do it too. It is a tough journey but as long as you focus on the journey and not the task, you will get there in due time.

Stay encouraged!

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