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Let me tell you how great God is and what it means to have faith the size of a mustard seed. As you are reading this, take heed that I represented myself to earn my achievements.

Before signing with the Buffalo Bills of the National Football League (NFL), I worked at Walmart, making $7.00 and some change in the toy department, but I was determined to feed my mind, so I learned how to work the cashier, the electronics department and gardening department. By doing so, it helped me with the Business I currently have, for example, how to make a sale and how to have a green thumb. At this time, I am a college dropout because I forfeited my last year of eligibility to help out back home. I did not get drafted, but if I had gone to Seattle Seahawks’ Rookie Mini-Camp, I would have signed with the New York Jets. Wow. I really missed that one. However, I gave up after Seattle didn’t sign me. That’s when my Dad got on me, and we began training. The San Francisco 49ers, Denver Broncos and Green Bay Packers called with great interest. The Broncos called, and I had a solid workout, but they requested I get my feet faster. My naive self told Green Bay, “I have to see can I get off from work to come to the tryout.” LOL, wow – missed three times.

Now that’s when my faith really began to kick in. I put in my two-week’s notice at Walmart, which is also the day I got a raise to $8.00/hr. At the time, I had signed to play arena ball, but my vision was on the NFL. Here is something special. I had a flight to go to Canada for a tryout, but a blizzard was in effect. A week later, the Buffalo Bills brought me in and signed me a day before my birthday: what a gift.

Fast forward to training camp. I started off at 7th Safety on the depth chart. I worked my butt off, earning second team safety and competing for first team. This is when God got real. I remember saying my prayers that night and asking God to remove anyone who did not belong on this ship and to please bless me with the right woman to settle down with. I asked for the right woman because I knew if I settled at that moment, with all of this success, she wouldn’t be sincere. I was getting interviews and being invited to talks about having a television series about my life once I made the team.

The next morning arrived, and the sun was shining brighter than usual through my window. All the sudden, I heard a voice say, “Do you trust me?” I continued with my morning prayers, but as I continued to pray, the voice kept repeating, “have faith.” A few days later, I was cut from the team, and left thinking it was all over.

I had to find the positives rather than the negatives, which fell back to what coaches and players were telling me during camp: “I thought you were a draft pick,” “You belong here,” and “You are good enough.”

Then it hit me. I asked God to remove anyone who does not belong on this ship and please bless me with the right woman. At that moment, I went to work. My skill level has elevated, surpassing the level of my Buffalo Bills days. The skills I used to get to the Buffalo Bills are subpar compared to my skill level today, and I continue gaining interest from NFL teams. My circle is revamped, and God has blessed me with a lovely, educated, beautiful, down to earth Queen for a wife.

I truly believe God placed me in the valley to test my faith. I walked up a hill in the valley and saw a flash of what can be. Now, I am walking into what is meant and will be, a place where my cup runneth over with my wife right beside me. God has blessed us to do things the famous, hall of famers, decorated people, and athletes have not done. From being a college dropout working a Walmart and sleeping in my car to becoming my own agent [note: I am the only person to negotiate and sign 12 professional contracts: NFL, CFL, IFL, NAL, AFL and XFL 2020 Supplemental Draft], being the C.E.O. of, and being an international motivational speaker.

Glory to God!


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