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The Mirror

Updated: May 16, 2020

Question, what keeps you from giving up? My answer to that is, the mirror.

The person in the mirror is who I must answer when I feel like giving up. I do not want my life to have regrets. I do not want the feeling of disappointment because I gave up when I knew I had more to offer. We are born with the gut feeling when something is right or wrong. For example, we all get that “something is not right” feeling when walking in to a familiar place, that suddenly feels unfamiliar. How about that special notion when you can sense something great is going to happen soon. That same vibration the Universe gives us is the indication to keep pursuing our dreams.

Yes, there are moments when I want to say, “I am tired, I had enough, it has been a fun tedious ride.” That is when I go to the mirror and see if that towel is worth throwing. I always say, “self-encouragement is the best encouragement” because the mirror talk will tell you how bad you really want it or if you are simply playing yourself. It will not lie to you, no matter how many times you lie to it. The motivation I get from the mirror is by telling it the truth because I know I will get the truth back.

Challenges are rough but it is worth completing. If you did not have patience at the beginning; they will develop through the bumps and bruises.

Have you ever got a cut on your body? Whenever I get a cut I end in the bathroom, with a first aid kit and looking in the mirror as I fix myself up.

The mirror awakens the spirit of greatness that each person has. It unleashes not what we want but what we need out in order to achieve the impossible. I now have complete understanding of who I am as an individual. I am in tuned with thyself and I accept that there is more to learn.

My mirror will not let me live with regrets. it will show the coward in me every time I have to look at myself. I can wear a suit with a tie; feeling great about myself. However, when I look myself in the eye, I will only feel the weakness of not emptying the tank before life tells me to take another path. I will not confuse an alternative path with a different path in life. That is the greatest mistake a person can make when following their dreams.

Whatever your dreams are in life, make sure you find a way to wring out every drop of blood, sweat and tears from your towel before throwing it in. It is always another drop ready to drip out but it will require more effort than before. Your determination is fueled by survival.

Stay encouraged!

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