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The Smartest Athlete Ever!


According to American Council on Science and Health, Mondays are known for suicide because of the depressing idea of having to go to work, which is why the hashtag “Motivation Monday” is a worldwide thing. Society is always looking for the “NEXT GREAT MOTIVATOR.”

Many people talk about getting knocked down 9 times and getting up 10, but the likelihood that people will keep fighting for what they want to achieve in life are slim to none. I went from failing Florida’s Standardized Test (FCAT) reading until fall of my senior year, taking the ACT 13 times, being placed in remedial classes in college, being a college dropout, working at Walmart and sleeping in my car to becoming my own agent (I am the only person to negotiate and sign 12 professional contracts: NFL, CFL, IFL, NAL, AFL AND XFL ‘20 Supplemental Draft), getting my bachelors, being the C.E.O. of, being an international motivational speaker, and being a husband. With that being said, my journey will make a lot of money for any NFL team that calls me in.

Any franchise will earn 1 Million Dollars by signing me and here is why:

The demand of my jersey and poster will be a necessity for kids. Little boys and girls will sense that there is hope in any field of their choice because of my inspirational journey. It will be like them dressing up like their superhero’s costume, who represents the idea that hard work and dedication pay off. NFL franchises will have a greater ticket sale from the all types of citizens. I am the people, and I am one of them, which makes me relatable to the average person: they can identify with me. They will spend their hard-earned money to say “that is me on that field.”

In America, the average amount of people living in one home is three. From one family alone, we can average $60.00. Now add this to the equation: nearly 18 million people watch NFL Football. NFL franchises can use my positive image as marketable. Think about it – I’m an educated, athletic role model who is married to a PhD scholar; I earned my degree, I have my own business and I am a pillar to my community. I do not have a criminal background. I am the guy who will add to the representation of being a true gentleman off the fields and a fierce competitor on the fields.

Life is about making chess moves, not playing checkers:

The minimum salary cap for the entire NFL is 176 million dollars. Yes, it is about 11 percent lower than 2020. An NFL team can sign me for the minimum and have plenty of money in its salary cap. Getting three great talents for the price of one makes sense because it takes 11 men to be on the same accord to dominate each snap, not 1 out of the 11. Getting a star player that has million-dollar talent is a low risk but a high reward – it’s like finding a diamond in the rough. These advantages are a steal; plus, if I do not pan out, the team can cut me and still not lose money.

Be a part of the greatest sports story ever:

Whenever we think about historic events, the first thing that comes to mind is the people involved and the location of the historic event. NFL franchise’s location will become a tourist site where fans and future fans come so that they can be in the presence of history in the making. The NFL franchise will forever be labeled the “Land of Opportunity.” Why not make history via positive and inspirational actions? Why not give the people hope? My tenacity to spread hope and my promise for exceptional performance more importantly, sends a powerful message to all players who know the grind : there are always others out there, on the streets, who are better at the game, so don’t get comfortable because you, and any player, is replaceable.

Allow my mind to intrigue your senses and my skill set to reel you in:

Thank you for taking the time out to read this information. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Jajuan Michael Harley

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