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To the Scouts

Updated: May 16, 2020


My name is Jajuan Michael Harley. I have been my own Agent and signed 11 professional contacts in six years (National Football League, Canadian Football League, Arena Football League, Indoor Football League and National Arena League).

I am a former Buffalo Bills Safety, and I am currently in the XFL Supplemental Draft. In February, I will be playing DB for the 2020 Indoor Football League (IFL) Tucson Sugar Skulls. I am on NFL scouting reports running 4.4 (4.31 and 4.38) laser 40 yard dash. At 6’2” 215lbs, I have film at Safety, Defensive Back, Line Backer and Special Teams.

The clip below shows my range and grit playing for the Buffalo Bills. I am the Safety at the top (weak side) and we are in cover 2.

At you will see that I am marketable to teams and an inspiration to the community. Here you will find my film, stats, athletic resume, interviews and blogs about my NFL journey. 

I do not have many miles on me because I played under 35 games collegiately and professionally, so there’s a lot of tread on these tires. I have no surgeries, no concussions, and no trouble with the law. I am a married man that has a Bachelor’s Degree; I have my own business called Make Adjustments Delete Excuses Inc. (M.A.D.E.); and I am preparing to get a Master’s Degree. I am passionate about football, selfless and all in for what a team needs me to do. Energy is contagious and you are looking at a Man who can spark a team with his grit to finish every play with a purpose and abilities to play multiple positions.

I appreciate you for taking the time to review this information, and I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.


Jajuan Michael Harley


Personal Website:

Business Website:

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